Linssen Boats Ts&Cs

Linssen boats Ts&Cs

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Linssen boats’ Ts&Cs

Linssen boats terms and conditions

To be read in conjunction with our standard Terms of Business 

1. Booking:

A reservation is only accepted as a booking once the booking form has been duly completed and signed together with the initial payment as detailed in the booking form and has been received by the company. The contract exists between the hirer and the company once the invoice has been issued by the company. 

The balance, as shown in Confirmation of Hire Invoice, must be received by the company no later than eight weeks prior to the departure date. Booking made less than eight weeks from the departure date must be accompanied by the total payment. 

Booking payments can be made by cash, cheque, debit and credit cards (excluding Amex). All prices are VAT inclusive. 

2. Availability: 

The company will refund the total hire charge paid if the boat is not available for handover on the holiday commencement date and its liability to the hirer will thereupon cease. A pro-rata agreement could be made between the company and hirer if the boat is available for hire later on in the week. 

3. Aptitude:

The hirer must be over 21 and is responsible for the boat and its equipment during the period of hire. The hirer should have had previous motor boat handling experience and should be able to verify this. 
The company reserves the right to refuse to hand over the boat to any hirer who, in the opinion of the company is not suitable to take charge. In such a case the company will refund the total hire charge paid and its liability to the hirer will thereupon cease. 

The company reserves the right to repossess a boat from the hirer who in the opinion of the company is not suitable to continue the cruise. 
The hirer should inform the company of any medical condition which may affect their ability to either cruise or live on board a boat for the duration of their holiday. 

We regret we cannot accept all hen or stag parties and dogs are not permitted. 

4. Insurance:

The company is responsible for the comprehensive insurance of the boat but, whilst on holiday on the boat, the hirer is responsible for its gear and equipment and will be charged for any loss or breakages. 

5. Force Majeure:

The company accepts no liability or responsibility if the hirer's holiday is cancelled or affected due to ‘Force majeure’. 

6. Navigation:

The hirer must conform to the laws governing inland waterways navigation as well as to the instruction given by the company and by the navigation authority – the Environment Agency. If advised of an infringement of this condition the company may repossess the boat and the hirer will be responsible for all expenses incurred and no refund given. 

All navigation after sunset is forbidden as is racing, towing of other vessels, subletting or loaning of the boat to other parties. 
Buoyancy aids will be provided and we recommend that they are worn at all times whilst on the boat. 

The company accepts no responsibility and will make no refunds for an interruption to the hirer's cruise due to repairs, flooding, drought, strike or any cause beyond the company’s control. 

The company reserves the right to recall the boat or restrict cruising areas if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail. The company will provide a qualified pilot to navigate the boat in strong stream conditions. The boat must remain tied up at all times when Red Boards are displayed at the locks. 

No minor can control the boat even under adult supervision. 
Navigation is restricted to the non-tidal Thames between Teddington (London) downstream and Osney Bridge (Oxford) upstream. 

7. Cancellation:

In the event of a cancellation the hirer must notify the company by telephone and on the same day send a letter by 1st class mail to the company’s address confirming the cancellation. The date of the cancellation is effective from the date we receive written notice. The costs retained by the company are as follows: 

  • Cancellation made more than 70 days before departure date - £100 to cover administration costs. 
  • Cancellation 56-70 days before departure date – 30% of the total hire cost. 
  • Cancellation less than 56 days before the departure date – 100% of the total hire cost. 

8. Hire Period:

Unless otherwise agreed bookings are for one week at the date, time and place stated on the Confirmation of Hire Invoice. The boat is supplied as described in the hire brochure. 

Late return of the boat will be charged at £100 an hour or part thereof. In the event of a previous client returning the boat in an state unfit for navigation, the company will reimburse the hirer on a pro-rata basis for any navigation time lost in excess of 7 hours. The company reserves the right should it be necessary for operational reasons to alter the place of embarkation or disembarkation and such changes will not be considered grounds for cancellation. 

9. Accident:

The boat must be returned to the operator in the same state that it was in when it was handed over to the hirer. The hirer must inform the company of any loss, damage, breakage or theft. In the event of an accident, damage to the boat, to other boats or to the waterways the hirer must: 

a) Obtain the names of all the boats involved, names of people involved and names of witnesses. 
b) Inform the company of all the details of the damage as soon as possible. No repairs are to be undertaken without the prior agreement of the company. The hirer is responsible for any fines issued by authorities whilst the boat is on hire to them. The company accepts no liability for lost time, damage or expenses incurred by the hirer as a result of any accident. 

10. Boat Delays or Curtailments:

The company will not accept liability for loss or damage or expenses resulting from any defect or breakdown unless it is proved to be caused by the operator’s failure to adequately maintain the boat in a fit state for navigation. 

The hirer must inform the company immediately of any breakdown, failure of the engine or equipment for which the hirer is responsible for so that remedial action can be taken as necessary. 

The hirer has no right of recourse against the company if this condition is not complied with or if the breakdown is caused by the hirer's negligence or in ignorance of the instructions given. 

11. Other Costs:

The hirer must pay a £500 security deposit on the day of departure, prior to setting off. If there is no damage made to the boat or equipment the £500 security deposit will be refunded after the boat has been checked over by the company. 

Two car parking spaces will be made available at our base and no charge will be made for this. However the cars are left at their owner's risk. 

The boat will be full of Diesel at the start of hire. The Hirer is required to return the boat to the fuel jetty at Hobbs of Henley Boatyard, Station Road, Henley at the end of the hire, where a member of Hobbs Staff will top up the fuel tank and the Hirer must pay for the diesel used.  

12. Complaints:

If the hirer has a complaint whilst on their holiday he/she must inform the company immediately in accordance with condition 10 above. If the hirer wants to make a claim against the company once the holiday has been completed this must be done in writing within 28 days of the end of the holiday with the company. 

The contract between the hirer and the company is made on the terms of these conditions of hire which are governed by European Law and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the European Courts at all times.

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